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Jackpot Deuces Poker

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Jackpot Deuces Video Poker is a 2-in-1 type since it enables players to play a great game of video poker with wild symbols combined with a progressive jackpot. Jackpot Deuces video poker is a single hand game version with a fixed bet value of $1 and a maximum possible bet of 5 coins which is also required when attempting to land the progressive jackpot.

As in any video poker game, the objective of Jackpot Deuces Progressive poker is to obtain the best possible five card hand. Jackpot Deuces Poker is played with a 52-card deck and the deuces, being the wilds, are automatically held in every hand. The software has been programmed to go even further than that by actually already holding hands it deems to have the best chances of winning.

By clicking on deal on the Jackpot Deuces video poker game, the player launches a hand and receives five cards. The deuces are held as well as any hand the software determines as a possible winner. It is then up to the player to decide whether to heed the software’s prediction or not. He can do so by discarding the cards he does not wish to keep and by holding those he wishes to play with through the controls at the bottom of the game screen. To confirm the final five card hand, the player once again clicks on deal.

The hand rankings in Jackpot Deuces poker start with the 3 of a kind followed by straight, flush, full house, 4 of a kind, straight flush, 5 of a kind, deuces royal flush and 4 deuces and diamond royal flush. Regarding the payouts, at the maximum bet amount 4 deuces pay out 1,000 to one and a royal flush pays 4,000 to one.

The ultimate hand on Jackpot Deuces progressive poker is the diamond royal flush which consists of a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of diamonds and which also triggers the progressive jackpot.

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