More wins on CashSplash Slots

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CashSplash Slots seems to be the must play game now since it is paying progressive jackpots more and more regularly to players. Last week, we were reporting the $47,617 win on CashSplash Slots and we are back with more news regarding this online slot machine which paid out two more progressive jackpots over the last two days.

The first of the latest two CashSplash Slots progressive jackpots was won for the amount of $30,930 while the second reached the amount of $35,748. This means that the progressive jackpot – which is reset at $5,000 after it has been won – increased by more than $30,000 all in the space of one day. This is nothing short of incredible if we consider that after the $47K win about one week ago, the CashSplash Slots progressive jackpot took 6 days to reach $30,000 but that it went up to more than $35,000 again in a little more than 24 hours.

CashSplash Slots is definitely the online slot game to try out at the moment. It is available in 2 versions so you can chose between the classic 3 reeler or the video 15 liner. Both versions are linked to the same progressive jackpot, require the same number of coins to play for the jackpot and offer the exact same odds so it is simply a question of which machine you like best.

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