Latest Jackpot hit on Treasure Nile Slots

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About two weeks ago, we brought you the latest win story on Treasure Nile Slots where the progressive jackpot went over $225K. A mere seven days after that, the progressive jackpot was won again for an even bigger amount. The last Treasure Nile Slots jackpot to be won to date has reached the amount of $230,565.

What’s interesting to note is that the last three jackpot hits have reached far higher amounts than say, the preceding ten or so. On previous occasions, the Treasure Nile Progressive jackpots amounts varied between forty and ninety thousands and this underwent a noticeable change when the jackpot won 27 days ago reached past $170K. Since then the amounts have moved higher still at $225K and $230K this time.

We believe Treasure Nile Slots to be undergoing some kind of revival with players. In fact, the game never lost its appeal despite being a few years old but it seems that players are playing more recently, contributing to the progressive jackpot pool. If this trend persists, we should be seeing some record high jackpots quite soon. According to us, now would be the perfect time to join the crowd and try your luck at Treasure Nile Slots and its ever-increasing progressive jackpot.

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