$120K Poker Ride Jackpot

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For the third time since the beginning of 2012, the Poker Ride progressive jackpot has been won for over $120,000. The casino poker game is very popular and regularly pays out progressive jackpots to players. The last jackpot to date which was hit one day ago amounted to $120,551 while the two previous progressive jckpots were for $120,640 and $126,746 respectively.

Over the past five months or so, it has been noted that the Poker Ride Progressive Jackpot was following an increasing trend in its amount. For instance, eight months ago, the jackpot amounts were around $80,000 and increased to around $90,000 one month afterwards. Since five months ago, the Poker Ride progressive jackpot went up to a hundred thousand and kept on increasing to a hundred and ten and again to a hundred and twenty thousand.

As a matter of fact, since the last win of yesterday, the new Poker Ride Progressive Jackpot has already reached $114,562. It looks to us that the next player to hit a royal flush on Poker Ride will take away a very nice jackpot amount.

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